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Horizon 2020 XCT R&D + Innovation profile

Dijous 2 Gener 2014 - 13:02

Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori – XCT (Land Stewardship Network in Catalonia, in English) is a non-for-profit organisation working to foster land stewardship as a conservation strategy for rural estates with natural, cultural and landscape resources. We offer the expertise of a wide network of member organisations in Horizon 2020 projects and alike.

We are a network organisation in a leadership region in Europe in involving key stakeholders and end-users in relation to land and biodiversity management and conservation (land stewardship). We have more than 600 ongoing agreements with landowners and farmers throughout Catalonia. Through our European expertise and partnership with organisations alike we can extend our role to EU Member States.

We envision our role within the Horizon 2020 concept of 'multi-actor approach' as foreseen in the Horizon 2020 Regulation aiming at more demand-driven innovation through the genuine and sufficient involvement of various actors (end-users such as farmers/farmers' groups, fishers/fisher's groups, advisors, enterprises, etc.) all along the project: from the participation in the planning of work and experiments, their execution up until the dissemination of results and the possible demonstration phase. 

We offer to share expertise on land stewardship and stakeholder involvement in ecosystems with top research organisations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean Region.

Please, see our R+D+i Profile for further details and contact Jordi Pietx, jpietx  -at-
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